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The Modern Cathedrals of the Damned

I thought this was a pretty good post although there are some efficiencies I think to cramming people into cities . I've never been a fan of apartment life though and enjoy having a yard although it does suck having to mow my yard. It does seem like most major cities are overpriced though.

Thursday 6-6

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If you hate rules, don't go live in huge cities, that's for sure.

I think an HOA is the worst from what I've heard. lol I couldn't do an HOA. I think some cities in Texas are probably OK but places like NYC and cities in California would be bad. I think most big European cities are going down hill so you're probably best to get out of those ASAP.

Yeah, well, in Belgium we are all living really close together. It's like it's one big city. Many rules :(

Do you want to leave Europe?

USA individuals deserve a lot of blame though. You couldn't spell Americans?

? Did I misspell it somewhere? I have been having bad luck with typos recently.

No it was in your reply to the linked up story:

"We sure do have untouchables like the leadership at Boeing and in our banking sectors. USA individuals do deserve a lot of blame though. I've wasted some money myself but hopefully I have learned. At least I am out of debt slavery so that is good."

Funny reply, USA individuals, most would have said Americans, citizens or people in the US.

As individuals USA citizens have a lot of debt and as USA American citizens we also have way more debt. I think I was making the distinction as individuals we have a lot of debt but as citizens we have even more.

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