heh : Inflation Catsket 2021 02 17

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About what i had from STEEM on a whole year last year if i would have fiat'ed it :


Cat : €48


Dog : €22


minor stuff like "humans" :

€5-10 p.p. its hard to tell the price of meat since i usually dont much when they're in france (money and all that)

good thing i dont have to live on steem alone


its probably a bit exuberant , even for average belgian standards to pay that for pets but imo

living in belgium , i think its the least you can do since you took responbility for their lives ...

i can eat cabbage

cat cant

simple math

(i like cabbage btw ... when properly cooked - :)

well lets hope steem goes to where it should be : $5 - $10 and some marketing team starts caring and helps it into something sustainable ...

then my cat can eat chops too ... i'd like that

as for africa

call bill gates , he's better placed than me to save a continent ...


ive been keeping cat longer than humans - my last run was all dry food mostly - no worries on the how-to

i have the manual

(have the blueprint for humans too - mundanes at least ... they're pretty much prone to similar behaviour - its one of the traits of "the norm" ... thats why faceberg has your sisters panties , youre TOO NORMAL)


doubting me again ?

currently in our supermarket in the dry-food section :


barring the ones that are open and going -

if you think this is bonkers i suggest a goldfish or something, then you're probably one of those "all my cat does is eat & sleep"-people

ofcourse she does, its alive , it wants attention and #stuff ... like yo momma overthere

so - just in case of apocalypse, i mean

i can eat humans and slice off the less nasty bits from fresh zombies

cats gonna have a hard time catching one of those


guns ?

this is not america, man, even pepper spray is considered an "illegal hidden weapon"

tsa tsa ...

henceforth thus let it be known

if this is too much then get a goldfish ... all things relevant to possiblities ofcourse

wow, someone likes me ... well, yes i just spent like 20 minutes lying next to him on the floor after he made clear that keyboard was way less interesting than him - instead of pushing him away - and so i get cosmic baby resonance and clear nirvana in return , its like, im sure id make a lousy caretaker of human babyspawn and i have said since forever that "i dont want kids" and lately, the last decades, living here and what not, even if i were better off, i think its a pretty bad time to put children into a place like this

i cant speak for other places and im sure there's non-sapient mutants who are quite capable of it but see this :

your dog has been genetically bred for somewhere between 10-20.000 years now - its your jolly kid !

you can kick it down the stairs in most cases and it will still like you ...

your cat is you introvert kid , its PROUD too btw - it has never been actually domesticated but its always been a symbiosis - "fight plaguebringers <-> sit in the cave and drink the warm white milk until the guy comes home - (kipling) ) so, if your introvert kid just lies on the couch all day

sits in "its" room (as one would say) - would you just call it over for dinner and let it be or get into it and ask how things are ?

play with it maybe ?

or not ?

depending on your answer you might or might not want to considers

... sterilization maybe ?


ahem ...

yea well, but ...

the point ? yes ? right ?

gud - thanks for the supervote there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!