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Cryptocurrency mining is an act of creating new Cryptocoins. It is a process in which transactions of new created coins are verified and added to the blockchain network of the coin. Crypto mining all started with Bitcoin which is the father of all cryptocurrency but as of now, we have hundreds of mineable coins.

Mining crypto especially at the time when price coins went down in 2018 has not been easy for miners. This is due to the long-term downward trend of price and also the cost of electricity in many part of the world. Because of these uncontrollable factors, miners don't make much profit and even some make up with the cost of their production.

In this article of mine, I will be sharing what I know about an innovative community-based mining transaction exchange that pay up to 90% daily dividends for its token holders called Catex.
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More Information About Catex
Catex exchange is a community-based crypto mining exchange that creates a platform for investors to trade their coins. The platform is built on a new concept of mining which is trading mining. The simple meaning to trading mining is a process of creating new coin of the exchange whenever traders trades various crypto coins or tokens on the exchange. The platform charge small fee from its users and reward them with an intuitive, fully secure and easy to use trading ecosystem that will gives trader rest of mind in doing their trading activities.

The platform token which is being mined through the activities of traders is called Catt and with it, Catex platform empowers its users to gain from just trading cryptocurrency despite the above issues I mentioned which limit the profitability of crypto mining.

The platform also offers quality information about the various coins being traded on the platform with a secure platform for trading activities.
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Issues With Current Mining Exchange Platforms
Mining exchange industry is still very new in the sector of business models built on blockchain concept of decentralization and this is because of the various issues that it is still battling. This issues include:

Absence of Transparency: By not having adequate information about how to use and navigate the site and also about the services they rendered, investors ignorantly trade their assets on the platform and incure huge losses to the platform that is not transparent about the terms of their operations and services they rendered.

Inadequate Security: For the fact that exchange mining sites do not put adequate security that will signal any malicious activities on the platform thereby making the platform unsafe and not fully secures for trading activities.

Unstable Profits & Dividends: Profiting in most of these platforms are calculated based electricity consumption of mining activities and volatility in the value of cryptocurrency and because of this, there are times that the profit will be so small and there are days that there won't be any profit at all. Also the profit that they share is too small and it will not be able to meet the needs of investors.

Indifference To The Demand Of Investors: Most times, these platforms ignore the genuine complaints of their users and they don't communicate much to them. This act of nonchalant attitude makes them to be reluctant in working on upgrades and enhancements that will benefit users in their community.

How To Generate Profits From Catex
Catex mining exchange platform is built in a way where the sale of any coins on the platform generates 5% of its worth in Catt token automatically. With this process, the platform will significantly increase Dividends & profits for its investors. The amount of this profit or dividend is directly proportional to the worth of investment and also the Catt mined by the transaction also depends on the amount transacted by the investor.

Users of Catex platform don't need to worry about security because the security architecture of the platform is highly sophisticated. It is built with a security protocol for users and there is also an automated security notification that alert the site of any malicious activities which makes the site to block the account used for such activity. Platform users can also any activities seems suspicious to them and the admin in charge at the moment of the report will block the use of the account till the issue is resolved. Catex is also more safer for trading and other activities when compares to many mining exchanges outside there.

Catex team knows the important of transparency when running a business that will stand the test of time and this the reason for their high level of transparency. This is evident in the creation of many channels on the site for regular updates and they also provide a better understanding of their business model and transactional activities to investors. On the platform, users will be able to communicate with other well experienced investors who could help them solve anything they might be facing and also with the team of the project. With this means of direct communication between users and owners of the platform, non transparency is reduced or even does not exist in the platform thereby increasing the confidence of the platform users.
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Token Details
Token Symbol => CATT
Token Type => ERC20
Token Supply => 10,000,000,000 CATT
Token in Circulation => 2,000,000,000 CATT

Catex Team
The team core of the platform is led by Mr Cameron Kallhoff and they are the one that perform all the operations of the platform and give the power of decision to investors. Investors will be able to vote on a certain issue and the team will implement it based on the results of the voting.

Final Thoughts
It is highly amazing for a project that got started in 2018 to have made a significant impact in the mining exchange market. They have also set a new milestone which it will take much time for its competitors in the industry to achieve. As am ending this my article, I advised my readers to seek more information about this project and make a decision about it for you not to miss one of the goodies of this our great industry.

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