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Whats Gath3r?

Gath3r is a new project that takes into account the creators of content, bloggers, in which they will make profits due to the monetization of their website and this is done by mining.

At present there are many ways in which writers are receiving profits and this thanks to the new and multiple projects that are launched daily.

The coin of gather can be used for multiple cases like the payment of intelligent contracts, staking and others.

What should I do to implement gath3r on my website?

The steps you must take to obtain the code are simple, here below I leave you the steps to follow.

– Generate the code from your Gath3r account dashboard at

– Copy paste the generated code into the website source code on each page you want it on, between

Gath3r features

  • Transparency
  • Great capacity to handle major traffic or scale
  • Fees are significantly lower
  • You can mining of multiple cryptocurrencies


It is formed by a highly trained innovative team that can be seen in the image below



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