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Cateredcontent- It is a well known event organizer for online writing contest connecting various projects with the potential writers to write professionally on the particular project sponsored by the project and to earn rewards from the contest.

It operates in Steem Blockchain as @originalworks and it has been contributing to the events and contest in Steem community since last two years. Now they have scaled it to a new milestone which is now gaining more popularity as @cateredcontent and their website details can be referred to-

Cateredcontent is sustainable and that is why it is creating an economy for the authors, bloggers, professional writers. But it also encourages the common user to participate as it has something to offer for everyone.


The main objective is to invite the writers across the world to join Cateredcontent and choose a topic of their own interest and participate and at the end receive rewards. Mostly it distributes reward in STEEM or ETH(ERC-20 tokens). It has a great reputation of conducting the events in an organized way.

The sponsors can also contact Conteredcontent & can sponsor their project and organize an event in collaboration with Cateredcontent. That helps to spread awareness of their project through the events and the writers also earn a reward from that.


Social Media

It allows various social media for writing the article and the notable social media are Steemit, Medium, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. However the contest participant has to carefully check which social media it has asked for, in a particular event and accordingly post their blog in that media.


For submitting the link you can go to your account, click on submission and then choose the event and the social media and past the link. Alternatively click on active events page, choose a particular event and then click on Submit an article for this Event.

Getting Started

  • You can go to the official website of Cateredcontent and sign up for an account. Alternatively directly click on this link:

  • Update you profile with all required social accounts information along with your ETH Address.

  • See the active events page to check what are the available events to participate, pick an event and submit your entry. Which social media it requires, it clearly mentioned there. So if you post your link in multiple media, you can earn more.

  • After the completion of events, the various entries are checked and finally through their professional judgment the winners are declared.


Cateredcontent has pioneered in its organization set up in conducting various writing events. It rewards with good amount of prize money. I have won some of them in past from Originalworks writing contest. The deserving writer, the quality bloggers are fairly rewarded in the contest. It has definitely achieved a milestone in the form of Cateredcontent and it can bring more activity to the blockchain space.

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