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I want to begin by telling you that CasperAPI ICO sales is currently on till 2/08/2018. You can register on the site below and purchase your token there but be careful of Scammer private chatting from group but don't miss out the token sales because this project is very promising and also has received high reviews so far.
Now, Let me begin by telling you what CasperAPI is all about and why data storage is very important to many industries or organization.
We know that transactional data is incredibly important for businesses because it help them to expose variability and optimize their operations and it also result in business benefits like more effective marketing and increased revenue.
We have also seen that popularity of rich media and internet based applications has resulted in explosive growth of unstructured file data, requiring new and more scalable storage solutions. Example of unstructured data include, audio and video files.

Casper has created a less expenses storage where we can able to store document photo, videos, 3D model and audio files providing full transaction transparency, simple integration via SDK and all secured. They created this infrastructure storage data on Blockchain platform with smart contract capabilities.
One of the reason why CasperAPI created their platform is to help user not to bother with their own data storage infrastructure development, which can be replaced with CasperAPI services. Casper API has provided equipment which is possible to calculate expenses like depreciation, electricity, internet channel. Casper has the ability for fast delivery of file because there is P2P technology with the ability to customize the location of cites and countries. Casper API guarantee safety of file 99.9% because there is encryption on Blockchain using the algorithms in Z-snark.

Pre-ICO sale
Casper API token are sold with a discount 1 CST=$0.08. ICO is conducted on Ethereum platform. So, you can purchase with ETH. If Casper fail to reach the soft cap during the ICO funds raised will be returned to investors.

Tokens and fiat money movement within the Casper API system


Token distribution table


Road map

Casper has offer a secure decentralized data storage infrastructure for your DApp and Casper storage fees will be lower every year, cutting down expenses.
Now guys, you can take advantage of this opportunity offer by Casper and join the ICO sale.

Casper site: https://casperproject.io

Telegram group: https://t.me/CasperProjectENG

Bitcointalk Username: Emmax

Bitcointalk profile link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2157595

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Why does this project seem like it is copying the ethereum upgrade?

I will check more on it though


Casper is among the best ICO in this year. You can check out more information on the site and join telegram group and ask questions.

Wow...sounds great!
Thanks for sharing.


Uwlc. Very promising project with great team behind it.