Coffee Series #1 Are You A Coffee Lover?

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Are you a coffee lover? (Yes Me! raised hand!) If yes, how do you know you are a coffee lover? How much do you know about coffee? Do you consider yourself a coffee lover just because you love to drink coffee or you really know a lot about coffee?

For me, I started to drink coffee since 10 years old (yes 10 years old). The reason I started to drink at that young age is that I need to stay awake to study and ever since I drink daily until now. So, I had tried Nescafe, Kopi-O (black coffee), OldTown White Coffee 3-in-1 / 2-in-1, coffee from the local store, and so on. I used to drink coffee for the sake of the caffeine.

I started to look into coffee more deeply in 2015/2016 when I was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I love Vietnam dipping coffee and I enjoy their dipping process, but their coffee is just too sweet for me. From there I started to curious about coffee and I wanted to know more about coffee.

Do You Know Which Countries Produce Most Coffee?

In 2017, according to (International Coffee Organization, not initial coin offering) Brazil was the #1 country that produces 51,000,000 of 60kg bags, Vietnam was #2 which produces 29,000,000 of 60kg bags, and Colombia was #3 which produces 14,000,000 of 60kg bags of coffee. Now you know why Vietnam has so many coffee shops in the same row of shop lot!

How Many Types of Coffee Beans & Differences?


There are three common types of coffee beans which is Arabia, Robusta, and blends. The main difference between Arabia and Robusta is the level of caffeine. Robusta will have more caffeine than Arabia which tends to give them more bitter and acidic taste. However, sometimes due to different region, soil, temperature, and weather might produce slightly different taste.

Which Coffee Is Your Favourite?

So, which coffee is your favourite after knowing there are three common types of beans? Do you like the classic and thicker expresso? Long-black? Americano? Latte? Flat White? Cappuccino?

Long black

I personally love Long-black, I love the bitterness of the long black. But sometimes when I need caffeine I will order double shot expresso to stay awake. I very seldom order any coffee with milk, just not my type. I tried but prefer black without sugar and milk. I love the original taste of the coffee bean! It just so nice! I usually have 2 cups of coffee per day, one in the morning and another one after lunch. Both black coffee!

Where You Usually Get Your Coffee Fix?

Are you love to get your coffee fix in Starbucks, Coffee Bean, any hipster cafe? Or D.I.Y yourself as in grind coffee bean yourself?

Pronto Shakerato Original, no stir just shake with ice!

For weekdays I usually buy the black coffee mixture from the supermarket, those with real beans grinded in the packet. For weekend sometimes when I have the mood I will take out my Vietnam dipping coffee set and enjoy my lovely weekend. Otherwise, I will just visit hipster cafe and enjoy their coffee while writing Steemit post!

What kind of coffee do you like? Share with me in the comment below!

Note: All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise

I'm not a coffee lover, but most of the time I will order Flat White :)
Coz it tastes the best out of all choices like Americano, Espresso, Mocha, etc.

What is your second best choice if flat white is not available? Bitter good ma :D


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I love mocha cappuccino but I don't use to drink often due to palpitation. So I stop drinking coffee. Too bad hehehehe

Yupe some people they can't take coffee due to palpitation. How you know you have palpitation that coffee causes that?

I used to drink too much coffee when I was in college when I found out that I felt something wrong, so I lessen my dosage, but I'm not sure if that causes palpitation to others.

Yes, I have friends who can't take black coffee or expresso and they can only take coffee with milk like latte, flat white.

Actually, I'm not a coffee lover at all. It's too bitter for me, it makes me anxious, so not the best drink for me at all.

I'm 100% coffee lover because I drink a few cups of coffee every day, and I'm really picky about the quality. When I found out about, I was extremely happy that I wouldn't have to search for good coffee anymore. Also, I didn't know there were so many different types and flavors of coffee, so it was a great discovery for me.

Brewing coffee at home is far easier than making your own ready-to-brew coffee. So it takes time and skills to make your cup ready. Thus, Coffee enlightenment represents a great technique to make coffee with less expensive ideas. These hacks obviously save you from hefty taxes that you have to pay to buy a jar of coffee.

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