What offends your cat?!!

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My Cat is a Diva.No qualm about it. It’s been years since we surrendered to her in our household. Not that it happened smoothly.In the beginning, there was a huge power struggle involving cold wars and staring matches as always happens where there is Power involved. My dad trying to establish his head-of-the-household rules and my mom imposing furniture restrictions and my struggle to maintain as the most favorite in the family. But it all proved futile when a ball of fur usurps your home. There came in 3 more cats after her but, She is the Queen...

My Diva of a Cat, If she is somewhere nearby in the vicinity sleeping, eating or playing whatever she is doing whenever I sneeze she abruptly turns towards me looks at me and makes a very distinct sound. It's like she is Chirping like a bird...When I sneeze, She immediately turns to me and calmly maintaining eye contact jerks her lower jaw and chirps...

She doesn't look at me like I've startled her, she is somewhat calm but it’s quite clear that I’ve offended her. She makes eye contact when she does that. Just makes a calm statement. Like “Hey, That sound was not pleasing to my dainty ears, Could you please not!! “

And the only time she ever makes that sound is when I sneeze. Even when she is in deep sleep she takes the effort to open her eyes, groggily looks at me right in the eyes, through her half-lidded stare, Chirps and goes back to sleep. Every single time I sneeze she does this and stares like a warning 'Make sure you dont repeat that!' I've many times Fake sneezed to make her repeat it and she never falls for them. She knows my real sneezes :D

Look at her sleeping like she owns the place (P.S she does)

*~*~ VinuRam ~*~*


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