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Um, you really look lovely


I don't have pictures of my cat but I do have photo of my puppy and he wanted to say thank you for your high votes for us :D



It is so lovely. Today is animalphotography and you can put your photo on this challenge.

No more ninja kitty with that bell. He is a handsome fellow for sure.

Thank you for showing support on one of my posts earlier. My Persian sends her love your way :



WOW! Thank you for the 100% upvote, your vote carries quite a bit of weight.

If you are interested you should check out my blog. I post my art, yoga practice, life experiences, spiritual content, and much more. If you enjoy perhaps follow back?
I will be adding you to my Streemian auto-votes. You can thank your handsome kitty for that 😻

Cutey kitty ☺
אם הוא יוצא מהבית, זה יפריע לו לצוד.


won't it protect some birds from extinction ? also keeps him safer from disease
when he didn't have a bell, he brought a RAT !


That's one point of view. Maybe he saved your house against rat infestation☺


I read once that cats bringing things (as rats and birds) to show their owner love or respect

What a handsome one he is! As long as it doesn't choke him, it's fine. But I'm pretty sure you're going to be annoyed by the sound of that bell when he runs around the house, haha. My cat had a bell too, but I couldn't stand the sound anymore. This is my little beast

Omg he looks like a little prince! Of course its ok, you just have to check the collars size is fine (you should be able to insert two fingers).
The bell is so cute, I tried to make my cat wear one of these but he's such an annoying cat he won't let me make him cute!! He's lucky to be pretty 😡20180213_070514.jpg

Such a beautiful cat!

My dog is hotter tho :)


hey baby you are tooo cute... muahhh

It's really a very cool cat, especially if it's worn by the necklace, I like it a lot @steempty :)

There's this article discussing this question:

in short - I wouldn't do it as if he becomes upset he might try to chew on it and it may harm him.

חתול חמוד מאוד :)
אבל כן - כותבים שזה יציל כמה ציפורים נחמדות מטריפה, אז אם אין סיכוי שהוא ינסה לנשנש את הפעמון - לך על זה!

Very handsome kitty!

The bell shouldn't do any harm-- other than to keep small creatures more aware of his whereabouts so they can get away when he comes.

There's a very remote chance that he might get a claw tip caught in the slit in the bell while scratching, but that's super unlikely. I had a cat that wore a bell for seven years and it never happened.

How sweet the cat is! I like it. thanks

Wow, an amazing post! Some animals are good pets of humans......They are a source of great pleasure for us. This cat is looking so beautiful and yep, The ring should be kept on his collar as it is splendid. Love your pets and take care. We should fulfill their rights. stay blessed!

Handsome indeed! Animals need lace too😊 i like the color it is unique.. Hope you visit my blog i posted also a photos of our cat. Thank you so much!

awwwwww so cute!

I love cat.... So cute... I think no problem with that bell..
I REESTEM your post....

So cute your cat.

very cute and very cute, I really like cats,
I really like your posts,
thanks b

Sweet cat.

The lovers of lady-cats know only, what always warm, luxurious, fur hot-water bottle. A good post pleased me.Successes to you and successes

the most beautiful cat like my cat in my pet house is similar as well

he looks cool wearing the bell

Ooooo so cute:)
Let hem be free, don't put a collar on hem:)

Oh American breed i love cats... umaaahhhh

Fierce eyes.

He is gorgeous and seems to know it, he does like the Camera :)


yes he is the king, and very big. only about 10 months old.
the other cats don't know how to pose to the camera. one of them is trying to hug the camera and purr, and other is always moving.


He is gorgeous, love how his eyes are focused on the camera, proper little poser :)


Nice all post, follow @ajaa23 @steepty


hello @steempty, I am really quiet fan with your arts in your posts. By the way I am @princessjoyesto and I voted you as my witness, although I dont ask permission but still thank you, your reputation in this community really helps a lot to those new people like me in this little community. Have a good day @steempty and always "amping".

Cute cat. Your carpet looks like my sister's carpet. But our cat doesn't look like my sister's cat lol that would have been too odd hehe He has such majestic eyes, your cat, with the lime-like green. At night, it must be something. I find that felines eyes glow in the dark depending on how the moonlight shines on them. "Admire me." It looks like that's what he's thinking ;)

כזה חמוד! So cute

@steempty wow nice post wow cat arty cal

Ancient Egyptian family members shaved their eyebrows in mourning when the family cat died.

Wow nice post, I remember my cat and I named it mowmow. My mother always screamed coz he likes lying in the carpet like your cat too, hope to see more photos next post😂

Boy he's sooooo cute.. looks like he came out from a movie 😍 i think that if he doesn't complain about it its fine. And did i mention Cute 😋

Look like mine! :)
I don't know, personally i don't like keep on collar nothing on my cats..I'm scaried that something could happen...

I have feelings of love and peace for this beautiful creature of the creator The CAT <3 <3 how pretty eyes ;)

woow a good cat, man

And about the rug you have, it realy tied the room together😄

It's okay if he does not mind. A very handsome cat. I love her. 😊😊👍

the cat is very nice i like the cat i also have a lot of my pet cat

waw .. very adorable handsome and cute cat. if I had a cat like this in my home I would be very happy with him

He has such serious eyes:) Like a little tiger!

Is the most cute cat from Steemit. About the Bell i think is ok but be careful to not bother this cute cat.

@steempty This is look more attractive with this in the colar so cute.

Hi, Max! Glad to see you again:)

"The Steem Blockchain is Made of Cats"


Bell on his collar is probably life saving feature.
Life of others I mean.
Also it makes sure that other people are aware that this is a domestic cat and should be returned to owner family when found.

Yesterday was the first International Cat Day(*) in the last decade without our beloved furry.

(*) - International Cat Day is a celebration which takes place on August 8, every year. World Cat Day is celebrated on February 17th in much of Europe and on March 1st in Russia. And of course if you are owned by a cat, you celebrate it every single day.

sweet times, it's my beast animal, ordinary cat spoiled san alwest faithful.

If it does not bother him or does not choke him, then everything is fine. By the way a cute cat :)

אם זה לא חונק אותו, אז הכל בסדר.

Very cute kitty @steempty he look more beautiful and so peacefully sit this.

My cat enjoying with me movie

The more love a cat feels for its owner, the less space on the bed he leaves him. I liked your post, good luck and have a good day.

newborn kitten

very beautiful cat, I really like posting @steempty.

beautifull cat, he looks very happy :-)

nice post my friend.

Oh.. so lovely kitten 😃

The domestic cat[1][5] (Felis silvestris catus or Felis catus) is a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal. They are often called house cats[6] when kept as indoor pets or simply cats when there is no need to distinguish them from other felids and felines. They are often valued by humans for companionship and for their ability to hunt vermin.caturday-shutterstock_149320799.jpg

Aw so handsome!! what a cutie ^_^

cat you really look lovely

We are not old enough,but sooner we couldIMG_20180925_031827.jpg