Smokey! Unashamedly Cute Cat Photos To Follow

in #cat5 years ago

These last weeks have been pretty low energy. Business is quiet and the morbid energy seems to be sucking the life out of me. Smokey always lifts my spirits though!

This morning I move the blanket, and found this scene awaiting me! After my husband got up, I partially covered her again, and she decided to stay right where she was, as winter is fast making itself felt!



Welcome back! I've been very tired the last couple of weeks too, and winter has definitely set in here. Usually June is dark but not that cold, but this year it's been cold since late May. Rain is beating on the window as I type, and there's been snow in part of the country for weeks already. I think it's going to be a cold winter! Stay warm!

Apparently we seem to be heading for a mini ice age! It is colder than usual here as well, but I like the cold.

The cold is easier to cope with than the heat, that's for sure!

There is nothing like the love of a cat - I have been totally under the spell of mine for the past 11 years

I couldn't agree more!!!

Very cute,. Omeong..pussy cat..haha..who is name the cat.?

Thanks, her name is Smokey!

Hurray! Now I can see her face and funny expressions on her face too!
What a lovely cat! She is getting big and now an adult cat!!
Very beautiful colours!

Thank you very much!

A pleasure!

Keep warm then! It seems the weather has started to show its new phase!
Smokey is very beautiful!


Such a beautiful cat @onetree. They really like to snuggle this time of year and eat you out the house. Sorry to hear business isn't going well.

Thanks for the kind words!


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