Caturday with the true overlords of the Bunnypuncher household

in #cat2 years ago

Here are 3 of our 4 cats laying all over the table (fyi we did try and correct this behavior in them so don't think we just let them do this). We never were able to train these little fellows to stay off the tables, counters, cabinets, appliances, beds, basicly any where they can jump too is fair game in their eyes. If you have ever tried and train a cat to do anything you can sympathize with our problem.




I also love cats.They are very cute.Though I don't have any cat but I have weakness about it.

some cats just can not leave the "high places" alone -as a kid I had a cat who would sleep next to the toaster that we kept on the top of the fridge. we never used it for fear of toasted cat hair....

Haha.It looks funny to me because they are staying here and there after eating.


Our cat trying to help me clean the bathroom. Doing a great job at keeping the floor mat occupied!

They are so Cute, some really cool and fun pets. I love cats.

so cute..... this looks like they sleep in heaven. I love pet animals mostly dog and cat.

Aweee. They look so cuuute. :) especially the cutie orange fluffy cat. Hehe :)

I love cats

I can't have them but I love them

Miss my little furball. Give em all a ear scratch for me.

Cutie cats , :)


"Wow, In there is apparently be found my friend .."...haha

The three musketeers! Where was your 4th owner?

yess good..

hola . bunnypuncher. a mi pareja y a mi nos encanta los gatos , tenemos a panchita y a milita , son una adoración y donde quiera se montan y duermen.

my greetings to all.

They are panchita and militates, they are our compañeras, they are very spoiled or they will be their nature, but they lie down everywhere.

There are those who think that we should keep them out of the house, in the garden, for example, but we really love these kittens, they stay inside our home, we do not care that we have to clean several times because they release a little of their fluff.

It's funny but at the moment of watching TV they both sit with us two, my partner and I on the couch.


haha,so sweet cat,sleep on the taple. Here is a lovely cat too, do youlike it?

My cat :)


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