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She came out of nowhere. She belongs to our family now. Her story goes like this. One day my mother found her lonely near the kitchen. Seems that her parents left her as she was their illegitimate child.

But we took her in. Provided shelter for her. Normally kittens will not survive in my home as there are dogs everywhere in street. Fearing they could hurt her we kept her in our first floor in the balcony. Each night I had to take her up to her little place. But morning she will somehow climb down the nearby trees and get down.She is an ardent lover of tea. Early morning she would like to have a cup of tea-please keep in mind only tea no milk. Until she gets a glass of milk she will be in tension. She will frantically wander throughout the house. One day during night she came and as usual begged me to take her up to balcony . While taking her believe me she winked to my mother- I think it is something like,"see I made your son fool again!"

Below is the picture of my brother having a healthy argument with her.
She don't like anyone to turn on the lights when she sleeping. She will fiercely argue with them. Then she will just climb down the trees and will walk out. One day I heard that she eloped with her boyfriend. After few days she came back to house. My mother told her not to enter in house as she has brought bad name for the family. It seems she angrily walked away at that moment. After few days when I went back to home her boyfriend came and checked if everything is alright. Then he brought her with him.Then we allowed her to stay with us. After all she is our kid right? And we are suspecting she is pregnant....... Yaay! lot of babies like her! Sure we are going to need lots and lots of tea...... :)

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