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ist fast fertig und der mit abstand schönste selbst geschliffene und geschlitzte Katzenbaum. Lob an Picco

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tree for cats good idea!

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Touching, naughty, wise, playful and many other words that can be said about cats and cats. They come to our house and become family members. They say that the cat is absolutely independent and does not care about its owners. But this is perfect nonsense and a phenomenal lie. The cat knows perfectly well who lives with her in the house. And she certainly loves her owners. Of course, not as people do, but loves, misses, rejoices when you come into the house. She does it completely in her own way, but we understand this.

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Ein toller Katzenkratzbaum. Wie hast du die Plattformen befestigt, so dass sie nicht wackeln?

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