Weekend, Corona and Steem's Demise

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It's weekend in a world with a third of the global population under lockdown. Or at least some kind of it.
It's baffling how long this is already going on and it's just the beginning. We're not even remotely through. Check out:

By the way here is the link:

Because the spanish flu is still mentioned across the board, it's good to recap the whole story and to learn from the mistakes:

So while we are still waiting the lockdown to end. The cryptomarket is still under pressure:


There was this fear at this value in the market before, but never for a period that long. It's still clinging on the market since the begin of march and will only go away, if the amount of new cases are dropping globally. But with the US being a straight line, India and Africa still in the beginning phase, it will be a long ride until then.


Basically a Fire Sale

Still holds true. We can see some relieves in Europe, for example in Italy. But the moment the lockdown is over the whole country will be hit by a second wave. So politics will just continue with lockdown extensions.

In this whole mess Steemit Inc. is now even trying to get rid of the whole Steem blockchain basically. Freezing funds with the latest softfork.
I got my first power down on the steem blockchain through and transfered my Steem Basic Income units to Hive thanks to their great refunding program. I'm glad that I'm able to save at least something. Some others are not.
One stake is now freezing funds after some witnesses protected that stake from being frozen. It's quite ironic.
But without any community and without the decentralization to truly protect funds, the Steem blockchain holds no value, whatsoever. I always thought that a 51 % attack is kinda rare and Steem is mostly save. That was naive and wrong.

For Steem I only have one plan left:
Take what you can. Give nothing back.

Also to kill some time, you can watch some shorts on youtube. One great short film I have found is the following. Enjoy.

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