Productivity and planning

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Self-improving is always a beloved topic. May it be eating healthy or just by increasing your own productivity:

How to use your new found productivity boost? Try that:

Exploit the rules to the bitter end. Of course it isn’t practical.

Fun fact: Someone posted about “quality posts”.

The rule is that the post needs more than 200 words. Just 200 words and the post goes from “spam” to “quality”. 199 words are spam, 201 are best quality content.
I’m pretty sure, that everyone loves to write at least 200 words, even without the pieces of information to back that up. This idea is so genius. Every facebook post and twittertext should have at least 200 words, because that’s quality content, nothing else.

Fun Fact: This post has over 200 words. So it has to be a quality post. Right? Right?!

Of course not! It’s just me, casual posting around, because I’m bored and found those two youtube videos and watched them. I think they are funny and educational and posted them here to share them with anyone interested. This isn’t Shakespeare or spam, it’s just a casual post. Never let anyone tell you how much you have to write or what “quality” is or what not. Enjoy your time, enjoy writing stuff, do whatever you like, nothing else matters.


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