Thought = Emotion

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Your thoughts provoke your feelings and your feelings provoke your behaviors. It is not what happens, but how you live what happens. It is not the facts themselves, but how you live the facts.

If you train and practice thinking positively about yourself and you stop judging, you are able to reduce the anxiety caused and you become more empathetic and understanding with yourself and with other people.

If you learn to debate with the irrational beliefs that have made you so much suffer and change them for rational, positive and healthy beliefs, your lifestyle will change automatically. You will live with lower levels of stress, you will be happier and you will accept your reality and the behaviors of other people more easily.

Learn the difference between beliefs and rational and irrational thoughts

They are irrational when:

  • They are illogical and not consistent with reality. Do not rely on experience, distort and exaggerate
  • They are inflexible.
  • They express themselves through demands and demands.
  • They provoke intense emotions.
  • They provoke negative emotions, which usually try to escape impulsively.
  • They do not serve to achieve goals and objectives.

They are rational when:

  • They are logical and consistent with reality. They are based on experiences, without distorting or exaggerating.
  • They are relative and are expressed with wishes and preferences.
  • They provoke moderate emotions.
  • They are flexible in the face of changes.
  • They do not judge.
  • They usually help.
  • Motivate to achieve goals and objectives.


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