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Remarkable Users

Welcome everyone to the third edition of exemplary users, activity of the @Castellano witness where the entire Spanish-speaking community is presented to an exceptional user who deserves to be recognized by all. The aim of this activity is to serve as a podium for users who bring value to the Steem block chain.

In this opportunity we will present the result of the interview made to...


I describe myself as a very extroverted and jovial person loving my family, my friends, my pets, quality music and Steemit. I was born in Venezuela in the state Vargas in front of the sea in La Guaira, that has made me grow with an immense love to the beach and the horizon, I grew up among musicians, my older brothers studied music and my mom also sings so I was motivated to sing from my early age, Since I was 4 years old, I was enrolled in the orchestra and I learned to play instruments of minor percussion and sweet flute, at 6 years old we moved to Táchira because of the Vargas tragedy and from that moment relive in this state.

Little by little I grew up in the choirs and estudiantinas of my school and outside, children's choirs, juveniles and adults; At the same time I studied music at the conservatory and later I went to study degree in music at the Experimental University of Táchira, at the same time I worked as a professor of theory and music and flute at the Music Conservatory of Táchira ( School of Music), After being surrounded by so many singers I became a lover of voices and singing and I leaned towards the branch of the choral leadership, directed an adult choir and founded my own Youth voices ensemble a year ago.

I entered 2 years ago to this great platform of Steemit and I am of the first people of Spanish speaking within the platform, I develop as curator currently and I like to support the emerging talent that makes life in the artistic platform or not, to part I have carried several co Ncursos for Spanish-speaking healing projects, Now I boost my own contest open to the whole community of Steemit directed especially to singers called Sing It through which we can reward the artistic musical talent that makes life on the platform a lot of this talent is emergent and I see this Contest As an ideal space for the promotion of great voices, to part as a recreation space for all the public who visit and enjoy musical enjoyment.

How do you meet the Steem BlockChain?

I met it by an old friend who told me about this page, at first I did not think it was true that you were paid to publish content of quality and creative, but still I showed very interested,

I read everything I could, I learned and entered with firm foot with my publications, getting to be in trend with my first post, from that moment this path has become an adventure and Steemit part of my life because its dynamic has captivated me and made great Positive changes in my life, I love this community and would not change for another.

What kind of content do you do?

I do very creative content, developing my blog jovially speaking a bit of my life, My Travels and adventures, I also make music, literary (poetry) and spiritual, personal improvement and sometimes public food recipes, what matters to me is To give the best of me to the platform, to my followers and to be as original and creative as possible.

How has your singing experience been?

Since I was a girl singing empirically, I liked singing and dancing, then I entered the school choir when I was in second grade and thereafter I did not stop singing in chorus: I was in 2 children's choirs, then in the youth ensemble of Táchira with which I had the opportunity to make a tour of Colombia, I went to the age of 17 to the chorus adult choir and after 2 years we traveled to an international festival in Puebla and Mexico city, (of the best experiences of my life) at the same time I studied choral direction in the Unet The Bachelor of Music, I graduated a year ago, since then I do workshops of vocal technique and I learn more in the branch of the singing constantly, currently developing my Repertoire as soloist singer.

Favorite Genres

I love Soul, jazz and blues, are my favorite genres, I also like the academic music of pianists and guitarists, pop ballads and pop, the soft genres mostly.

Favorite Artists

Ella fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Renee Olstead, Norah Jones, Adele, Cristina Aguilera, Sara Bareilles, Kany García, Joaquín Sabina, Charly García, Fito Paez, among others.

What are your future projects in and out of the blockchain?

My project and musical dream is to be a professional singer recognized all over the world and very famous with his own choir, very successful also to sing by My side and accompany me on international tours, be a classical pianist and jazz, in general be a great musician well known and Cry out. Inside the platform of Steemit are: To be a great whale that supports the talent of the platform especially to the artistic talent, poets, musicians, painters, to develop the contest Sing It and that it is one of the largest and recognized of Steemit and to make many friends and Interact with people from all over the world, also be the person who one to many projects for the good of the community, especially to the Hispanic projects.

Do you Know the @castellano witness?

Yes I do. Is a witness who work for the good of all the hispanic comunity

For justice in terms of supporting Spanish content and improving the profits of authors, although he must sacrifice his capital to maintain his Witness node maintains hope in quality authors and develops a growth project for the entire Community.

What do you like most of @Castellano?

His responsibility to the chain, his black humour and his jocosidad-Nnnarvaez is a man with a great personality who is not afraid to say things in front of anyone, so it costs friendships and recognition, his commitment to the creators of content is the same and defends Above all.

We thank all of you again for your support. And we hope that this new tool at the disposition of all, is profitable, and becomes another small gray block that brings us closer to building the nation we all want. tify">

How Participate?

  1. We have a constant contact with independent curators and various projects. Any talent that deserves to shine will be communicated to us and we take care of the value of our more than a thousand followers.
  2. Despite the aforementioned, the most effective way to be chosen for this dynamic, is to participate actively in the publications of @Castellano, providing ideas and supporting the various users who will use the witness as a platform to be heard.
  • Note: You do not need to vote, or make Resteem or follow our blog. However, if you want to support us in that way, your contribution will be well received. Remember that it is your support that motivates us to continue working.

Castellano a Witness were the bigger picture is built on synergy from the little ones.

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