Great News for our spanish Speaker community: the new Alliance

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For a couple of weeks we had announced, discreetly and without giving details, that we had very good news for the Spanish-speaking community. In this post we will finally share with you our partnership with @steempress-io.

About three weeks ago, we started an exhaustive search, looking for support for the Spanish-speaking community. One of our biggest concerns as a witness that focuses on being a support for its users is, that there is a massive divergence between the number of Spanish-speaking users making excellent content on the platform and the capital available to curate its Content written in our beloved language. That’s why we knock on the door of the SteemPress team, being @nnnarvaez the person in charge of carrying out the diplomatic work. We raise our ideas, projects we support, aspirations and our wish to make things right. It turns out that we end up being heard by a team of wonderful people, with an enormous willingness to help grow communities and support the most talented users.

Changing a little the old saying...

We ask for copper and they give us 500.000 SP to reward our remarkable users.


SteemPress team has decided to put on us a vote of confidence, following the vote of @bebeth, the curation project we support.

There are a couple of conditions to be able to get access to the vote:

  1. The posts must be made from WordPress using the SteemPress plugin to publish it in the Steem chainThe
  2. posts must not have been voted on by @steempress-io (no matter if the vote has been more or less percentage than the one given by us).
These conditions, far from being an obstacle, we interpreted them as a great opportunity to attract all spanish speaker bloggers using WordPress to this wonderful blockchain. This would increase the number of users, the demand of the Steem and most likely their price.

In addition to that, this is an excellent opportunity for those bloggers who, tired of not receiving rewards for their excellent work on their external blogs, remained exclusive to STEEMit and left their web pages. This is the time to retake your old projects, use SteemPress and continue to create.

What this means

as it had been said before, there is not enough capital curating content in Spanish (although this is the most fertile language of the entire Steem chain). With this new support provided by the SteemPress team, it is doubling the capital available to curate Hispanic content.

This means that we now have twice the resources to support the projects that seek to solve problems in the chain, and most importantly, we have twice the resources to support the users who make this blockchain a diamond in the rough.

What we will do

a great power leads to a great responsibility, and we feel comfortable and fully ready to take it. For that reason, we have prepared a strategy to positively impact as many users as possible.

We will use the support received not only to curate all the quality posts made in Spanish (and with SteemPress), but we want to assume a pedagogical role to give all the users of WordPress the knowledge that they need to manage the platform properly and get to transform their blogs into a piece of art. Not satisfied with that, we will carry out a campaign of promotion on the responsible use of the steemPress plugging among all the Steemians, incentivizing the users of the network to expand out of it and urge to create quality and visually appealing content they'll create in their external blogs.

We have distributed the responsibility to the followings:

The @bebeth “s team will have the honor to be in charge of the curation process for the content made with SteemPress, in Spanish. In Here you would find a post where they presented a list of blogs that have been curated to serve as an example and motivation for the rest of the Spanish-speaking community. Soon they will be sharing an article where they will make public the bases of curation they have at the time of doing their work for SteemPress, to be able to guide all users of the plugin, and express the objectivity and organization that characterizes the curation project.

The @reveur project will be in charge of the entire educational task for the use of WordPress and the SteemPress plugin; added to this they will carry out a campaign of information, promotion and awareness on the use of the plugin. In the next post you will be able to read more details about how this task will take place.

From the beggining @reveur has been focused on being an educational project. It's philosophy is to believe in the citizens as the principal capital of a nation, and to see the Steem Blockchain as a country without frontiers. For that reason they look to form citizen and be the place where ideas and talents could develope and grow. It's mission, vision and experience have made it the best-trained project, to fulfill the task of inform and educate about everything related to SteemPress.

The witness @castellano supports the work that @celfmagazine project is doing. Their dreamy proposals, the seek to reward the artists who make life in the chain and, similarly, look out those creators who do not yet know about Steem, to integrate them into this wonderful crypto ecosystem, bringing more value and inspiration to the platform.

For this reason, we have decided to choose them as the specialized curators team that would be responsible for rewarding all the artists who share their creations from external blogs and use SteemPress. In HERE you can learn more about it.

Resource Management


We will use the Aphrodite-A bot to manage the resources received (as we have done for a couple of months). This bot is a tool created by @nnnarvaez that allows to manage the VP of the curation accounts. The bot ensures that 20% of the VP is consumed daily and in this way we will take the greatest advantage of the resources to be able to help as many users as possible. For more information on Aphrodite-A's operation, visit the following post.



What we are showing in this post is just the beginning of an exponential growth of us and all the projects we support. You will be seeing our growth in the time we reach the goals we have and in the process of creating new ideas that end up being beneficial to the Spanish-speaking community.

We take the time to say that all the teams involved in this new alliance, are 100% into their responsibilities, are motivated and want to meet the goals and keep up this great support that the Steempress team has given us.

We thank @steempress-io for the trust in our skills, and we also thank the entire Spanish-speaking community who has supported @castellano through their vote as a witness and participating in each of the posts made on this blog.

Nos despedimos no sin antes extender la invitación a la actividad informativa que se realizará el día de hoy viernes 13 a las 8:00 pm (hora Venezuela) de la noche en el servidor de @reveur en Discord, donde se ampliará toda la información aquí contada.

Vote for @castellano as a witness


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Felicidades por su gran esfuerzo
Se lo merecen hacen un buen trabajo por la comunidad.


Muchas gracias por su apoyo equipo de @votovzla. Most welcome This post is very niceanimated-flower-images-and-wallpapers-8.jpg