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The art of choosing actors according to the subject and content of the visual field is called a casting agency company. These agencies; It brings together actors, models and presenters from the world of television, film and advertising. In its field, it brings actors and models together with production companies through film, advertising campaigns, fashion shows, promotions, and a work server. Agencies guide, inform and monitor their own legal and financial areas throughout the career of the person. Discovering people's abilities at an early age helps to create the necessary infrastructure to develop in line with these abilities.
What is the Purpose of Casting Agencies?

Producers looking for new faces work with the agency staff. Casting agencies need players of all levels, including extras. Casting agency acts as a bridge between the productions in the world of television, film, and models. Acting agencies known as talent scouts; They are entertainment industry companies that try to identify potential candidates for work on stage, television or movies and should not be confused with casting agencies. The term “Cast Agency” is not generally used in the entertainment industry; A talent agent represents the actors, while a casting director assists the actors on a project. The agent can function as an independent agent or work for a talent agency. These agents can also function as model agents assisting various clients with finding and hiring models for clothing lines or advertising campaigns.
It is important to note that a casting agency is different from a talent scout. Scouts normally work for production companies. In contrast, the agent is more likely to liaise with talent agencies that represent a wide range of performing clients. Agencies rarely accompany actors in casting requests, while casting agents identify potential talent for a production and arrange for actors to participate in the casting call. Instead, the actor goes through an entry-level audition with the casting director and producer, and a casting director recalling artists who have shown genuine promise for a second audition. Thus, the casting agent helps clear the way for the player, but it's the player's responsibility to get the cast ajans attention and support of the team producing the entertainment feature and to be hired for the project.

Ankara Cast Agency – Acting Education Modeling and Modeling Casting Agency
You may have heard of method acting and on-camera acting, which acting candidates often hear. In fact, there is no separate acting method called acting in front of the camera. In other words, there is no different acting method or style between the acting training we see in conservatory theater departments or the acting training you see in a private workshop or a private theater school and the acting training in front of the camera. There are technical differences if we consider only their physical conditions. In this sense, there are still some teachers who do this job properly. People who have experience with the camera and are good trainers. Player candidates, students, very good information, they also know horses. It can be a very good experience for you too. Let's give them their due, but normally these are the biggest reason why it is called acting in front of the camera. Everyone's very special enamel for actors is that they want to act in serials and movies, and they only want to study acting in front of the camera and sign up for an agency and do things right away. In other words, this is a word said to speed things up a little bit, to encourage a little bit. So please consider this. There are only technical differences.

Today I will try to explain to you four different acting techniques. These are the techniques you can come across in front of the camera. The first of these, as you know, is the shot of the whole story through the eyes of the camera. So we see it through the eyes of the director. Many scenes are shot, but after those scenes are shot, the director combines the scenes he wants in the editing studio, and we watch TV series, movies or movies with the director's direction as a whole. In this, the director shoots in front of the actor with many cameras from different angles. Here is a very important issue. There is something you should pay attention to. Because cameras usually shoot from afar or close up. But our closeness is withdrawing. So if the camera is too close to you and sees you, try to play our games minimally. Stay away from exaggerated voices and believers. I tried not to use an exaggerated voice and tried not to use your body language in an exaggerated way. The reason for this is very simple. Normally, you perform a play for at least 200 300 people in a theater play. You are trying to show your games. Sometimes even the person in the back row of 500 people has to watch, follow or understand our games. But this is not the case in front of the camera. Light and sound because the camera is so close.

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