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hi all cryptolover. Hope al are well. Today i am going to share very innovative project named Caspien. So firstly we have to know about caspien. Caspian is a full asset management solution that cover up the full lifecycle of the trade. Now a days The world of crypto is continuously increasing. there are lots of new cryptocurrency and new exchanges are coming. That is why trader's And asset manager's are participate individually in the crypto space. So in this case Caspian is works a full stack of asset tools that integrates with major exchanges in order to offer users a single place to interact with the entire crypto-space.


  1. OEMS
  2. PMS
  3. Compliance
  4. Risk
  5. Reporting
  6. Algorithms

Caspian has built-in compliance features which ensure that users can set Easily many things and control into their trading strategies.

Compliance have three limit

  1. Warning Limit
  2. Approval Limit
  3. Absolute Limit

Where caspien Use: The range of Caspien use is huge. many crypto-holders are traders and their own personal fund managers.

There are so many Dynamic feature that will bring us caspien. There are so many update are coming. So if you don't miss any update about caspien then u can follow their social media. i will provide their website, whitepapers and social media link in the bellow



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