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Good day, Friends.

Guess all of you wanna know what’s going on with Casper API now.

So, here is some news:

Our team gets smaller for better budget...

BUT, the сore team is still here. Currently, we are working on deep market research to understand where and how to move further. It will take a month(it is a deadline) and after that, we will update our roadmap to show you the real situation.

We all wanna create not just blockchain-hyped ICO, but the real product, that's why we need to rethink our positioning on current market and make it closer to reality.

We do appreciate your support and activity! You can ask all the questions here - https://t.me/CasperProjectENG

P.S. there will be a small questionnaire this week, you will help us very much if you participate and give us feedback.

Casper API team


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