House always win

in casino •  4 months ago


Spent most of today on the Ethercrash trying to find a perfect way to beat the program. Had some luck and bad run here and there. Boosted the gain from 0.5 to 1.5 and go back 0.3 ETH. Only to come to this conclusion, House always win.

Ironically, I knew this theory long time ago as man with relatively high interest in gambling game. As a former casino croupier, it is always fun to have an idea of running my own casino games. Now with the help of blockchain, the possibility of this dream has never been more realistic to come true. From the Ethercrash, Steemdice and much more other betting games available on the Internet, I witnessed how this tech could be used to perfectly fit into this industry and can't wait to try some attempts.

Blockchain tech is awesome!

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