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Gambling, one of the largest industries in the world, is ripe for innovation. In 2017, the online gambling market reached $47.7 billion, and it is expected to hit an impressive $81 billion by 2022. And yet the industry is plagued by numerous inefficiencies resulting from an outdated business model no longer able to satisfy the demands of modern casino customers.

Despite the large number of casinos around the world, players are deprived of variety as all gambling venues operate on the same principle and look basically the same. Casinos set the game rules and do not allow players to influence them or the way the establishment works, which means that players are at a disadvantage from the start.

A vast majority of gamblers lose money to а casino, get bored, and proceed to look for a fresh experience. But all they get is another gambling house with a bright exterior and the same arrangements inside.

URunit is a project that seeks to break established traditions and put the control of casino business in the hands of players. The aim is to create a platform that will implement new game rules in the gambling universe, a “white label” platform that could be purchased by other operators and can easily adapt to their needs.

URunit looks forward to being the most innovative gambling platform in the world while ensuring investors benefit from an increased market value for the tokens they purchase and the token holders can participate in jackpot drawings.

As traditional platforms face extinction even with the technology that they use, uRunit gives the gambling industry a new phase of life.

Current gambling market problem

Over time, technology is changing, but the main principle in the world of the same parent re-gambling: players come to the casino and spend their money hoping to win fast. The problem is that most players lose and do not have even the slightest chance of affecting the workings of the casino in any way. As a result, the rules of the game, as well as the rules of conduct for the players are determined entirely by the casinos that strip the players to the threads, and get super-profits from them. The players are just dairy cows. The signs in place, bonus programs and technology may change, but every casino still operates on the same principle. As a result, the gambling market (including online) is filled with almost identical casinos that give gamers absolutely no choice because all the casinos look pretty much the same. Thus, the key issues of the market are:

  • Based on our survey, casino customers are a very brave person who con- stantly seeks action and novelty; they get bored quickly, and are forced to move from one casino to another looking for something different
  • It is very difficult for casinos to attract new players, and they are forced to spend a significant share of advertising profits, bonuses, affiliate programs and other gimmicks to attract customers
  • No matter how much money a casino spends to keep customers for as long as possible, it does not work - the customer just will not stay long.

Solution From U Run It

The gambling market has clearly reached a dead end. Of course, casinos are trying to spend more money, using new technology (like blockchain) and coming up with new gimmicks to attract and retain new customers, but they are not very successful at it. The only way out of this situation is to change the basic principles of casino operations. How is that possible? It's very simple.

The solution is an entirely new type of casino, a casino managed by the players, who host all games. In other words, really all games, card tables, poker rooms, tournaments, slot machines, lotteries, etc. in this casino are controlled by the players themselves. Each game is hosted by a particular player. This player deter- mines the parameters of the game or tournament he is hosting and becomes the owner of the game for now. Say, every game is leased to one of the players for a nominal fee. It can be rented for an hour, a day, a week, or a month. During this lease, the game owner not only monitors what is happening, but also performs the basic functions of the moderator.

At the end of this period, the owner of the game receives a portion of the profit generated during his lease. A small part of the income will go to the casino to cover the costs for platform maintenance, further development, as well as allowing little profit for the owners. We believe that the profits of the owner of the company should not exceed 10% of revenue. Another highlight is the possibility of holding auctions among gamers. Any player game owner does just me

The Purpose Of URunIt

URunIt aims to change the basic principles of casino operations with blockchain technology by creating a completely new type of casino, a player-run casino that hosts all matches. In other words, absolutely all games, card tables, poker rooms, tournaments, slot machines, lotteries, etc. In this casino is controlled by the players themselves.

U Run It Technology

The company uses classic client-server technology to launch the platform. The reason we do not use blockchain to create a fully decentralized platform is quite simple. So far, there is not a single blockchain platform that would allow millisecond transactions for data transferring. Moreover, any transaction in the blockchain is by no means free. A large number of transactions with a lot of data will make it very expensive – the cost of the project will exceed any revenue it might generate. Of course, the concept of a fully decentralized platform has many advantages, but urunit.io will be able to implement it only after a new generation of blockchain platforms, eliminating the shortcomings of its predecessors will replace the existing ones.

How does it work?

  • Who's the owner? The owner of the game is defined by drawing lots. They are held automatically among the participants of the system so that anyone has a chance to become a game moderator for a limited period. Active players with big bets get higher ranks within the platform and improve their chances to be chosen as game owners. The winner is expected to pay a small fee in URUN tokens to confirm the right to game ownership.
  • How to play? The game owners define parameters and set the rules for the games they are hosting. They monitor the process and perform the functions of a moderator to make sure that everyone complies with the rules and there is no cheating. They are in charge.
  • Who gets the money? The owner of the game receives the biggest share of profit generated by the game when they were in charge.

How U Run It Blockchain Gambling Platform Works

URunit is based on the decentralized blockchain technology. Through the smart contract, URun ensures that URun tokens of a certain number are issued during the ICO after which no more tokens will be issued. Token holders are allowed to participate in the daily, weekly, and monthly jackpot drawings with 70% of all tokens collected on the platform being used.

URunit has engaged the services of the best lawyers in the field of finance and cryptocurrency to help with the regulations. The URun token is not a security but a utility token. This will ensure that after the ICO, it’s listing on the exchanges is expected to be fast.

The number of URun tokens in circulation will constantly decrease on the uRunit platform. This is because the tokens are used for all the transactions within the platform with a decline in the number of tokens taking place with every transaction. In short, the tokens are taken out of circulation.

Despite this, the demand for URun tokens will constantly increase as the number of casino operators using the platform grows. This means that the number of players using the URun tokens will also grow exponentially.

The security of this smart contract is not in question. It is of high quality and was confirmed by the best specialists in blockchain security through a technical audit that was conducted. The developers of the URun smart contract pride themselves in over 3 years of experience in blockchain solutions.

Why buy URUN tokens?

  • Limited offer, URUN Smart Contract through a decentralized blockchain protocol ensures that only a certain number of URUN tokens will be issued during ICO. There will be no token issues after ICO.
  • Jackpot Image, Each token holder can participate in our daily, weekly, and monthly jackpot images. 70% of all tokens collected by the platform will be used for jackpot images.
  • Compliance with the rules, We have received professional advice from the best lawyers specializing in financial regulation of cryptocurrency. The URUN Token is clearly a utility token, not security. This means a quick list on the exchange after ICO.
  • Constant demand for tokens, URUN Token is required to use U Run It platform, but the number of circulating tokens will continue to decline. The URUN Token is used as a "fuel" for all transactions in the platform, and with each transaction a small number of tokens are "burned" (they are removed from the circulation). However, in the same time the number of casino operators who use our platform as well as the total number of players using URUN tokens will grow exponentially. Therefore, URUN token requests will continue to increase.
  • Technical excellence, Not only the programmers who developed our smart URUN contract, have more than 3 years experience in blockchain solutions, but also the high quality and safety of this smart contract has been confirmed by technical audit conducted by the best specialist in blockchain security.

Benefits of Token Urun

U Run It Token gives its holders the right to become a full participant in the platform with all the benefits:

Here is the list of URUN token holder’s benefits:

  • Participation in daily jackpots (fund - 40% of URUN tokens, collected by the platformduring the day)
  • Participation in weekly jackpots (fund - 15% of URUN tokens, collected by theplatform during the week)
  • Participation in monthly jackpots (fund - 15% of URUN tokens, collected by theplatform during the month)
  • Constant growth in demand for tokens
  • Place leasing
  • Purchase of services on the platform
  • Rank trading
  • Possibility to use tokens as game currency within the platform
  • Access to beta-testing of the games (closed testing before release)
  • Possibility to sell tokens on the largest cryptoexchanges

Details Token

URUN token sales will take place in three stages:
pre-sale closed (May 15 - June 15)
pre-ICO (15 July - 15 August
ICO (September 15 - October 15)

Minimum transaction amount:
2 ETH - first 15 days before closer sale
1 ETH - remaining pre-close sales
0.3 ETH - pre-ICO
0.01 ETH - ICO

Token: URUN
Token exchange rate: 1 URUN = 0,00125 ETH (1 ETH = 800 URUN)
Total number of tokens available: 80,000,000
Total tokens for sale: 60,000,000
Minimum goal (Soft Cap): 9,000,000 Tokens
Maximum target (Hard Cap): 60.000.000 Token
Currency received: ETH automatically (BTC, LTC, XRP, DASH - manually)

50% - first 15 days before Sale
40% - time remaining
20% - to-ICO
10% - first 10 days of ICO
5% - 10 days later ICO
0% - time remaining


For More Information

Website: https://www.urunit.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.urunit.io/docs/whitepaper_eng.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3396208
Twitter: https://twitter.com/URUNIT_IO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urunit
Telegram: https://t.me/urunit

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