Dtube: Don't Play the Tables in the Orleans Casino [Las Vegas Nv]

in casino •  6 months ago

I think I'll be only uploading to Dtube for now on. Don't know I switch so much. Anyways Boyd gaming is a scam. They hire the most crack-headed people to be on their tables, bet on them making a mistake then profit off it. They have corrected their mistake only after a few days later with my players' card STILL only showing $10 USD when I played $20. I had to ask the pit boss if security should be called. It would have been an easy case because the cameras would have picked up 4 red cheques (chips as you would call them) played each one at a time. Plus they may like the fact that I tipped them when I asked them to lock an important personal item during one of my visits.

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Great Post with Great Information.
My 100 % upvote for this post.

The NO, here in Oklahoma we got casinos everywhere, the town i live in has 5, fucking 5 casinos for one town.


Damn how small is the town? That seems like too much. Are they all owned hy the same people?


Well they say it's a city but if you've been to a "city" then you can tell this is a town. The cansino's are owned by different native american tribes.

Good post i like your video


Thank you

@dtube you have won my dedication