Anyone ever win big?

in casino •  6 months ago

Well I wish I could tell ya I did tonight but the slot reels were just not lining up for me like I wanted em to. I'm in Phoenix doing some business and the last time i stayed here at the Wild Horse Casino I won 13k.....but no luck tonight.

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So what's the damage on the night?
Most I've ever won on slots is $250. But I did cashout close to $15k on a craps table back in university. Made for one hell of an after party that night


@jasonshick, you have been flagged for being a douche nozzle. Anyone who replies to @jasonshick will be flagged and your rep will be significantly affected. You have been warned.

That look.............. "Soooo Serious!" Better luck next time right? Like the old sayin' goes..." you can't win em' all." I've had some good nights in the poker rooms and private games but never on machines. I just never spent much time on them. Good to see you're havin' some fun brother!

No worries ;) Better luck next time @brocnutz <3

It's all about time, Today's wasn't your time, Don't worry mate.

Do not worry. Today and your luck will be good. I'm hopeful.

Bad luck @broncnutz not a huge win!

Actually why you people how play a lot don’t show us when you lose a lot of money you should show us losing not winning because winning it more support people to play gambling.

Best Of luck!
Never give up!

I enjoy waching u play, BUT dont lie about huge win so sad.

Long time ago i have played this machine. almost never see it anymore. nice win, although with that bet it isnt fantastic but ok, a positive result is always good. Bye the way, who is the mystery man helping you with the filming?

I think you are so sad today.your face expressions is so off.your lose your money in tenshion this a time you will win more money in casino happy.

nope never won anything bigger 😓😒

Don't worry, think great things are waiting for you.

At least you have a great memory Phoenix, eventhough you did not win this time. I personall never came close to anything like 13K, just couple of thousands on sports gambling.

No problem it's oke aja lah sir,

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Its great still you had smile on your face that is very nice,you are a champion no matter if once you have lost.

I am sorry about it friend hope next time you will win surely.

@broncnutz , I've seen and made that face 99% of the time at casinos also...what a stretch that @broncnutz would be playing bull mystery

Its a tough day sir,dont worry.

Not the best of the days sir never lose hope.

I think its just one of those days where we lose.

Not big but once I won 10$ in betting. After that on same day lossed 15$. @broncnutz

I feel sorry for you sir but you have brought something new again for our community.

I am hopefull. Better luck Next time.

Dont worry sir this is just the begining.

How much you have lost sir.

Sometimes you may win. But most of the time we loose there. Beware brother !

Sir @broncnutz alway try your level best for betterment than God will give you best rewards.

Great broncnutz

This thing can finish your money. Hehehehe!!!

dont worry.better luck next time,man...

Hopefully you at least broke even or came close. I've never won a dime on slots...I'm more of a blackjack man myself.

Hehehe, I think you smile today and I can see from your fat cheeks @broncnutz

Maybe you will succeed the next night and you must still enjoy everything you see and find there @broncnutz

I see bull i smash upvote ; )

Only in the crypto market LOL.

happy day friend @broncnutz good selfie with attitude and a good smile, quiet that you'll already have luck for the next greetings

je je same I love to go to the casino and play almost never have luck, this is a good shot friend already on the other play you will succeed and good luck greetings <3

Is good!

Wow, 13k the last time. That's a lot. Hope you win the next time you try it out!

We will do the casino every once in a while but I never have any luck with the slots. The only time I ever win is when a play blackjack.

Yeah I guess the casino always wins haha.

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Dont be upset . Good luck for next visit .

In casino, luck is not good every time .

Luck is matters in our every task. Good luck for next casino game .

I not believe in luck i believe in hard work

I think that you are so lucky enough @broncnutz :D

And gambling is really just, in my opinion, not good.

don't worry sir better luck next of luck for next time my wishes with you sir enjoy your life.😊

enjoy your life sir👍🏻

Its very hard to digest when we lost something.