BetTronLive, Live Dealer Casino Based on Tron Network

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Live Casino Experience

We have seen an increase in online gaming that leverages #blockchain technology for its transparency, speed and security. Players are enjoying the ability to play online right in the comfort of their home. But still, in today’s #gaming world, #players are looking for the thrill and authenticity of the #Live #Dealer gaming experience.

#BetTronLive, as a live dealer casino based on the #TRON network blockchain, strives to draw in players and make their game worthwhile. We aim to create some of the best-performing live #casino table games available, designed to take player experience to the next level and give them a new way to earn and play!

Live Dealer

In the online gambling space, we know that trust and integrity are essential. Hence, we hold our staff to the highest standards of integrity to prevent fraud, increase security, and perfect risk management. Dealers go through rigorous security and integrity training to ensure you, the players, are protected. We want to give you dealers who are experts not just in dealing cards, but also in creating the physical casino atmosphere for players, making them feel comfortable and at ease. Dealers are continuously monitored, and their performance is evaluated frequently on a random basis.

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BettroLive wants players to feel relaxed and comfortable. Hence, dealers are trained to engage with players in a fun and professional way. We want our players to enjoy the online reality of gambling with live dealers. This will allow players to feel the excitement of a real casino from the comfort of their homes or any other environment. Our Live Dealer platform is designed to put the player inside the casino without having to physically be there.

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Global Feeds

BetTronLive utilises the most reliable infrastructure in the market today. A combination of multiple global feeds and expert knowledge of the game interface will deliver the most realistic and authentic experience available in live dealer games. The use of live streaming cameras will capture the whole scene of the table and the dealer’s actions. Players will see the croupiers deal their cards or spin the roulette wheel — all in real-time.

An automated card or game result recognition system will assess the result and transmit it to the player’s interface. This technique is applied to various BetTronLive games for a real-time, immersive gaming experience.


As a community-driven platform, BetTronLive will have various social functions that promote user engagement. A chat system, friend system, chat rooms and forums with options for connecting, sharing and exchanging information, gifts and tips will create the basis for an online gaming community around BetTronLive

An integrated live chat will create an extensive online community of dealers and players. Dealers can re-engage players and give the community a space to chat, share strategy and then jump right back into the game together.

A 24/7 assistance and chat monitoring system will be in place for players.

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This is one of the most interesting feature of the this highly anticipated project. Aside from enabling online gamers to partake on the site's earning the site will be featuring live dealers which will introduce an interesting dynamics into the gaming experience of its users.

Good to know that there is 24/7 chat monitoring system that will assist players when in need. Thanks #BetTronLive

That's one feature that makes me like this project even more for a lack of that thing will surely lead to a negative experience on the user's end.

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Very interesting project and worthy to wait for

this will surely be loved by online gamers. , exciting news to come

This is a project that I am looking forward to be launched soon. I just have one question regarding the live dealers. How will you pick them? Will there be a time for application? And who are qualified to apply?

Dealers have been hired and ready for players. Our human resources have set qualifications for applicants and they are the one who hires and trains them.

I'm pretty sure they picked those who really fit into that job. I see everything is almost ready now. Time to fund my tron wallet.

Very nice project and I'm pretty sure gamers and gamblers will love this project

Looking forward to this project... ☺🙂

promising project

Interesting project.

Awesome project. Can't wait for the launch. Features are great with amazing rewards.

Good thing that players can able to interact with their co-players,as well as the live dealers. Very interesting project!

Most interesting project and is worth the wait...

Wow excited!!😁😁😁😁

I am currently employed as a Technical Support Specialist that also have a chat modality in catering a helpdesk process assisting customers. I believe this tool is really effective in guiding the users to how to navigate the platform. The more knowledgeable the users are, the more confident they'll be, therefore just enjoying the games will be their best user-experience.

I'm excited to see how the live dealers works. It is good that there's a live camera, as I was about to ask with regards the security and assurance of the game plays. Great project to root for!

This project seem so interesting, a live on line casino. Imagine how easy to play with the use of online gaming now adays because of the advancement in the technology.

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Live chats are interesting I wonder what creative ways users will be able to utilize such a feature. I just hope the site will have a strong privacy policy on video feeds.