Bone Pendant - Hand Carved Out of Deer AntlersteemCreated with Sketch.

in carving •  8 months ago

A piece of deer antler I shaped, carved, gently torched to enhance contrast, and then polished to provide it a nice finish as well as added protection. 

Thanks so much for looking at my work! Please follow along to see more of my creations!

:) Thanks!

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Your work is really original and well done. I bought a Dremel a year ago and I really want to learn to carving! Your work inspired me to start. Yo have my upvote and I follow you now! Hugs


Hey! Thanks so much! I really appreciate the comment. Yes, that exactly what I used to carve this. I shaped it with a bench grinder, and then carved the rest of it with a dremel. That feels good to have inspired you! I appreciate you sharing that with me! Thanks for the upvote and follow. Cheers!