OC- Statan Worshipers getting yelled at by Satan- animated short

in cartoons •  8 months ago

Here's an animated short we made based on a comic out of Arsenic Lullaby, because statuday morning always feels like time for a cartoon.

"It's 3pm"

Yeah well...I'm a degenerate, I just woke up a little while ago. Anyways...I had a lot of help on this one including some voice acting from comedians @offthemike (who just signed up and should be putting up stuff soon) and Josh Goguen (who isn't on here...YET).

First the cartoon (it's in two 3 minutes parts because...I couldn't figure something out on youtube at the time) , then the comic it came from...enjoy?

As you'll see, since we did it ourselves it was pretty true to my original story.





More of my comics and an online store with some of my stuff is here www.arseniclullaby.com


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Hah, fun! Reminds me of that episode of Metalocalypse where Murderface joins the Church of Satan, and it's all announcements about parking and garbage collection.

Haha! Fantastic! I'm a fan of your work, without doubt. Keep it it coming!


Thanks! I believe I will.

Great stuff. I like the animated version


Thanks! It turned out alright. Using sound is nice.