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If you've read my other post's you'll know that my very first D&D character is Kyra Kane. I thought I'd share with you some art I made to depict her likeness.

This last image is a mock-up I made to see what she may look like if she were a real person. This photo has so many layers and different body parts/hair/paint effects/ etc. I just did it for fun. I painted the scar on her face and I would have liked it to have been more gruesome, but that was the best I could do.

Kyra K poster.jpg


@ashlynncrow great post would you like to work with me on some charter design

These are great and the last one....dem. Nice work! 100% upvote. Cheers!

Yeah! Thanks Rudy!

No problem. Let me use my newly gained powers and hit you with a 100% upvote on your comment! BAM. have a great day today on Steemit!

Hahahaha- awesome. :)

Yours is very nice post and very interesting I love to visit your blog. It includes useful postings. Thanks friend.
I love it.

Wow! Appears to be three dimensional...
majical cloudz

Nice work! Looks like you had a lot of fun making that.

Whaaat. You did it from scratch?? That need a lot of skillz! Amazing!

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