CARTESI - New blockchain development solutions! (Linux,RISK-V)

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Hello dear friends. The new year has begun and it became interesting to me what the world of cryptocurrencies offers us today and what new projects we will see in the new 2020. Now my attention has attracted one very interesting project. But it will offer us new ways to scale blockchain technologies, which is very interesting. The project that will be discussed today is called Cartesi.


The biggest problem in this industry today can safely be considered knowledge of programming languages for blockchain. The fact is that each project on the network has its own characteristics, which causes many difficulties in the development of decentralized applications. Today, the most popular platform is Ethereum, based on which more than 2300 Dapps have already been created. Which automatically makes him a market leader.

However, Cartesi offered its unique idea, namely the development of decentralized applications based on the Linux operating system. Which opens up new opportunities for blockchain developers around the world. The fact is that working on the basis of Linux, programmers will be able to easily begin developing their Dapps without special knowledge and special languages.


To begin with, the team talks about its own virtual machine for computing. Which will cover all the needs of the Cartesi blockchain? The mining method should also change. As the documentation says, the team will rent miner computing systems. A very interesting solution. This virtual machine is based on the RISK-V architecture, a free instruction architecture for microprocessors.

RISC-V is an open and free instruction system (ISA - Instruction Set Architecture) and processor architecture based on the RISC concept for microprocessors and microcontrollers. The project aims to create a standard command system available for free and free use, ensuring its reconfigurability and extensibility for a wide range of applications. Created in 2010 by researchers from the Computer Science Division

Linux OS - which Cartesi will use is the main highlight of this project. Because as many users consider this is a serious way to globally scale the blockchain and implement this technology around the world. The blockchain industry will see more programmers who already know the programming languages that Linux supports.



Great simple idea. Which is detailed in small documentation. However, the lack of a prototype is still causing a number of doubts among users. But Cartesi ideas
Deserve our attention. Perhaps it is this project that will allow us to scale the blockchain technology globally. Thanks for attention.


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I also turned my eyes on this, in my opinion a very promising project.

I read about this project for the first time. looks promising

Very interesting project concept. Optimization and solution of the platform are promising. In simple words, I was interested.

Thanks for the information, I have not heard about the project before.

Optimization and solution of the platform are promising. In simple words, I was interested.