Would You Drive Car Made Mostly of Glass?

in #cars7 years ago

Do you think car makers are pushing it too far with this concept, a car made mostly of glass is something of science fiction movie
leave your thoughts in the comment box


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I wouldn't risk my life in it.

Yeah i wouldn't either, but somebody out there might brave enough to do it in the future

Aku tidak pernah mengendarai,kendaraan kaca seperti itu,ini sangat luar biasa, body mobil terbuat dari kaca.

It's not sci-fi. Look up videos on YouTube about Graphene technology and it's probable uses in the future. Followed, Upvoted, and Retsteemed!

Traffic stops would go alot faster. The cop would be like "I'm gonna have to search"... shines flashlight "uhhh nevermind"

yeah traffic stops by the cops would be smooth , you are so right

I do not consider it safe... but whatver...!!

Nope! You don't have to worry about blind spots though

You are so right about that lol

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