New EV Station

in #carslast year

EV station installing at Walmart in tiny Grants, New Mexico.

When I see shit like this, I feel like some kid in an old Western seein' the first horseless carriage sputter through town, driven by a dude in goggles, scarf, and drivin' gloves.

Also hear a 1930s news reel presenter say, in that Mid-Atlantic accent, "Thah FEW-chah ISZ el-EKT-chrah-fied!"

Vanholio can't hardly wait for his EV van or pickup. But he's gonna have ta, poor bastard.

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Cool stuff to see and I have been thinking about doing an electric conversion in my van or buy an electric one at some point. Haha just need more money come on steem.

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I'm thinkin' 5-6 years should have some good choices on the used market. Fingers crossed!

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Yes I think you are right :)

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