Check out this Wicked old Holden Station Wagon.

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Check out this Crazy Australian built Holden Station Wagon, it looks awesome i think.






I hope you enjoyed my car pictures and thanks for visiting.


Cool looking wagon and it's got a mad looking V8 as well. :-)

Thanks mate, somehow I don't think that's the original V8, Lol cheers mate.

I love the Venetian Blinds they look great.

Their classic aren't they, don't care much for them myself, Lol cheers lyrica.

Very cool looking. Cheers mike

She's a nice old beast, thanks mate cheers.

I'm still surprised with venetian store in a car but you already told me it was a common feature back in time... Nice example.

You can't get over those cool blinds can you, Lol thanks mate cheers.

I think I rather go with this one for now:

A Audi A6 Avant 45TDI Sport Quattro
Only a rental of course... :) A bit more expensive than last time - 160 Euro for the weekend. Well, stile has its price... :)

I think I would rather keep the money than buy one of these Audi's. how many Euro's are they selling for?

This model starts off at about 60000 Euros (incl. tax), but with a few extras its quickly at 75000.
Very expensive, even compared to BMW. However, it is a 4x4 and its huge. And the quality level is really high, at least on par with Mercedes if not better. Thats what Audi stands for - technically solid, no BS, quality top.

It's had a later V8 engine fitted, don't go much on the wheels though.

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It's a mad looking engine that's for sure and I think I agree with you on the mags, cheers mate.

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