Check out this Cool old 1965 Toyota Truck.

in #cars3 years ago

Check out this Cool old 1965 Toyota 6000 DA115 Truck.



How about that sign "Rice Burner" Lol.



I hope you enjoyed my truck pictures and thanks for visiting.


Rice Burner that's pretty funny, it looks very solid mate. :-)

It's like a tank isn't it, cheers mate.

Hey it's a Toyota it must be good, thanks bro. :-)

Cool looking truck, I like it @silverbug. 👍

Thanks mate, glad you like it cheers.

Yeah that’s a fine looking beast. Cheers mike

Thanks mate, she's a cool old beast, cheers.

Wow don't think I have ever seen one of those before. Looks in fabulous condition 👍

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Yeah it's the first old Toyota truck I have seen too, cheers mate.

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