Check out this Cool Chevrolet Pickup.

in #cars3 years ago

Check out this awesome Chevrolet Pickup truck, she's a nice looking vehicle.




I hope you enjoyed my truck pictures and thanks for visiting.


It certainly is a great looking motor. Cheers mike

Thanks mike, glad you like it mate cheers.

Reminds me of the old Ford F100 my mate had years ago, nice truck. :-)

Yeah they were a great ute with their big 351's they sounded awesome, cheers mate.

Your not wrong mate they do sound awesome.👍 :-)

That's a beautiful old truck, looks good in black.

It sure does but I think it would be a bugger to keep clean, cheers mate.

It sure does but I
Think it would be a bugger
To keep clean, cheers mate.

                 - silverbug

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Looks sweet in black👍

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Thanks mate, do you know what year it is?

Beautiful example...

It looks pretty straight doesn't it, cheers mate.

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