Check out this Awesome E37 RT Charger.

in #cars5 years ago

Check out this Awesome E37 RT Charger, what a friggin beast.









I hope you enjoyed my car pictures and thanks for visiting.


That’s a good colour for a charger, very nice. Cheers mike

I agree they just go together really well, cheers mate.

That is a awesome beast @silverbug, I love it.

Yes I know how much you like Valiant's lyrica, great cars aren't they cheers mate.

These RT Chargers are bloody brilliant cars, crazy machines very cool. :-)

Yeah I agree mate they were a wicked machine in their day, cheers mate.

Yeah I agree mate
They were a wicked machine
In their day, cheers mate.

                 - silverbug

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Very nice 👍

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Thank bud glad you like it cheers.

Checked it out and still hoping it appears in my drive!

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That would be an awesome surprise that's for sure, cheers.

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