Motorcycle project "Motorcade" will sell to everyone. VIDEO 🚗

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Hi Steemians!

But the commercial version will be released on the market not under the brand Aurus, which will sell cars created on A single modular platform (EMP). Since "Kalashnikov" belongs to the brand "IZH", it is under it and will sell two-wheeled monster. And not only in Russia, but also abroad.

"It is planned to sell the motorcycle freely, it will be released on the market under the brand "IZH". This brand is known since Soviet times, now it belongs to our concern "Kalashnikov", which is working on a new machine. Will the bike exactly repeat the tuple, it is difficult to say. But it will definitely be used solutions — design and technical — which are used in the motorcycle for the project "Motorcade" — quoted TASS head of the concern "rostec" Sergey Chemezov.

The concept of the motorcycle was presented by Kalashnikov concern last year. The declared specifications are impressive: the opposing engine with a capacity of 150 HP, acceleration to" hundreds " in just 3.5 seconds, the maximum speed of 250 km/h.However, it is still unclear how much the bike weighs. The developers have indicated a weight of 510 pounds. If we are not talking about the total permissible weight, and the curb, then the "Izha" really turns out to be a very heavy motorcycle.

However, while the Kalashnikov concern just published a promotional video on this bike: prototype nobody saw sled tests were not conducted. Sergey Chemezov previously said that the motorcycle of the project "Motorcade"will be ready not earlier than 2019.

See you soon, Shaloop 🚀

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In August 2017, Kalashnikov presented an electric motorcycle IZH for police and special forces.

Last year, the concern showed a working prototype of a flying motorcycle.

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