Is a 40 HP VW Mk1 Golf Diesel Even Fun to Drive?!steemCreated with Sketch.

in cars •  last year

Hey guys! So this is one of the lowest horsepower vehicles we've ever driven here on Roads Untraveled and also one of the slowest. Does that mean it's not fun to drive?! Absolutely not. With the original 1.5L diesel engine under the hood, this gorgeous little VW Mk1 Golf (Rabbit as it was named here in Canada) is fully capable of providing endless laughs and a surprisingly engaging driving experience. Enjoy!

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GREAT REVIEW of one of my very favourite all time best first car ever!

As I was in college, it was a dream to get myself a Rabbit, diesel, but in the end I ended up with the famous Toyota Tercel instead! Awesome choice of music too by the way.

Namaste :)


Thank you I appreciate the feedback

Awesome :)

The VW rabbit diesels were super reliable and had crazy fuel econ.

0-60 mph in 10 minutes... Not bad for what they were though. I never knew they were rated at 40 hp.


It is definitely a fun little car and with fuel efficiency better than a smart car what else could you ask for :-P


I've become recently a big fan of small cars. I'm quite fond of my Fiat 500.

I regularly log about 44-45 mpg, its rated @ 100 hp and with the standard transmission I have no problem passing on interstates. It's like a street legal go cart and takes up about as much space as one!

A real blast to drive on curvy rural roads.

this blog is more valuable

good job.

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after reading your post, i want to experience riding your car.

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this is a great job

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nice post.Please vote for me.

Nice.......there's nothing as good as use a fuel efficient car to travel. No worries

Great video as always! Next time get your hands on a Mk2 Golf Gti :)


Haha its on our list :-P

Amazing review of an amazing car!
I am new on Steemit and I do reviews for movies and series.
Maybe you can follow me...


Thanks for watching, I will follow you

Its a beauty also when it comes from a German automotive giant the love is bound to happen.

I am a big fan for all sorts of vintage cars ! Love to read your post


Thanks, If you liked this post check out my latest. We got to drive a Honda Beat!!

You guys definitely should consider for your content!

Comfortable drive. I like cars with that machine.

yes its wonderful vehicles

Fantastic Review to be sure. Thank you.


Thank you I am glad that you enjoyed it

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the sucessfully cars.
Of course 40HP is not much. But fun dont need some high level engine with much power. The fun is just enjoying the drive.
By the way:
40 HP is low, but have you ever drive a Trabant?
It have only 26 HP, it smells like mopeds does but it is in her own way fun to drive.
Another one is the Citroen CV6, drive it on a curvy road and you just keep smiling or grin :-)

Anyway, thank you for the video:-)
The landscape is great to, a little bit like the Bavarian Wood.

Wow what a nice car.

Wow niecd vidco lov it
Keeeep is up 😊


Thank you, I appreciate it

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Very high quality video guys. I really enjoyed this :)


Thanks for the compliment, we do our best to create unique and entertaining content

Good experience, brotha!

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well,in my point ithink that this car is very old and slow,so you just buy a new car.

One of the most unreliable bad quality car i've ever driven only bad have been left to remember about this but at that time this car was here in Germany the most wanted car to have and in this particular case as diesel it was fur sure also very very slow.

Some of the earlier cars have low horse power, it is crazy that 40 hp car existed, considering now a days we never see these type of things. Partly because vehicles are getting heavier and heavier. This Golf is light.

good post and vídeo

HaHa, my best friends dad had one growing up!! We drove it a lot, as with 40HP, his parents figured we could cause little damage. Solid vehicle with a noticeable after effect. The next three cars that were my own were VW. Great memories and thanks!

Thank you everyone for the feedback, I am shocked that this got as much attention as it did. If you enjoyed this car check out my latest post where we got behind the wheel of a Honda Beat. The Honda Beat makes this VW look like a Ferrari :-P

Good job, Thanks for sharing

The size of the car must have made it must easier to handle.

Thank you for posting lots of content and effort in all the posts you do on steemit 👌🏼look forward to the next post ....... Keep up the good work from @devosdevosi

Woooooow wow
I really enjoy too much
when I drive these type vehicles
I love it
follow me friends

Wow, it's cool to see a familiar youtuber on Steemit. The Golf certainly looks rad.

I am so in love with the older VW's. My roommate drives his mk4 R32 as his daily and it's such a beautiful car. Whenever we see mk1 or even mk2s we NEED to meet the owner and they're usually just kids who bought a cheap car they can afford and they have no idea what it is lol.

The feeling is mutual! My wife has an old Peugeot 306. 1.9 diesel, non-turbo, 236,000 miles on it. 69bhp when new, (allegedly). 50mpg taking it easy, fully-loaded, or thrashing it's tits off; and usually running on vegetable oil.

It still manages to make me giggle throwing it around bendy Scottish B-roads.

I love it broo .

Hi everybody. I have just started the blog on this platform, there will be a lot about the cars, especially old cars, thus if you like this kind of content - you can follow me :)

The infamous Mk1, Go Kart comes to mind, steering you can feel and flex in the body when driving spiritedly, awesome classic dubs.

I think a 1.5L diesel still packs a lot of power. I would use the higher RPM ranges in a manual.

Lol I was going to say isn't that a rabbit? I can only imagine how much Fuchs this would be to drive on the winding roads in muskoka and the kawarthas in Ontario. I own a 1984 dodge rampage 2.2 turbo 5-speed it's based almost exactly the same platform.

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I love the VW's! Since I was 15, i have owned a half dozen or so of the aircooled variety! Fun to drive!!!!