Hey, @roadsuntraveled.

Just goes to show how much we think we know and then we find out that maybe we didn't know as much as we thought we did.

That's interesting that the United States would be the outlier when the Japanese called it Celeeka. Celica is what Americans would probably naturally go to, but still, for uniformity, Celeeka isn't that much of a stretch.

Now, after watching the video, the question I have is: Is it pronounciation, as your host said it, or is it pronunciation, like it's spelled? :)

Don't need to start another pronunciation war. Really enjoyed the video. And congratulations on the curie, too!

We pronounce it differently in Canada :-P

That's an interesting episode. I enjoyed it, absolutely. Good to know it's harder still to be wrong on the Celica. Lol :-)

Haha thanks, I could not get over how many people commented on our Celica Review about the pronunciation of Celica. Once I started to read them all I just had to make this video :-P

Hi roadsuntraveled,

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In my country, Venezuela pronounces Celica, but whether Celica or Celleka, the truth is that it is a great car.

Toyota did a great job with the Celica. What is the car scene like in Venezuela, do you have a lot of JDM imports? Here in Canada we are only allowed to import a car that is 15 years old or older, do you have any similar restrictions?
I really want to see Venezuela at some point. I am travelling to Columbia and Peru this winter for a few months but I am not sure if I will make it to Venezuala. The Catatumbo lightning has been on my bucket list for so long!

the truth here in Venezuela is pronounced celica and I am sure that is the correct name, although in other countries like that they put another celiac accent that would come listening to celeeka is very good to touch this point @roadsuntraveled I hope that you liked me opinion @neymarth10

How is the car scene in Venezuela? I will be in Columbia and Peru this winter and was thinking about checking out the Catatumbo lightning storms while I was in the area.

Wow, this was an interesting video. I love how you edited this video, it looks very professional. You knew what, it never occurred to me that there was different Celica pronunciation. I always called it Celeka :p. You have addressed it well in this video and a very interesting topic as well. Very creative of you produced and edited this video. It short but it captures my attention. So, are you the lover of Toyota car or any cars

Thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it. I decided to make this video as a new type of series for the channel where we address comments made in our main features. I have never edited a video like this before so it was a bit clunky, but if we decide to continue making this series we should be able to smooth it out.

Thanks for watching!

Thank you for that video, when I heard it first time in both versions I was puzzled too, but it is clear now where and what pronunciation is coming from. Actually as it is a Japanese car then it is fair to pronounce the way how they say it in Japan :)

Thanks for the feedback, I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the content. Depending on the overall reviews of this video we may try and continue making more of these videos in order to interact with our audience a bit more.

I don't mind what way you wan to say the name. It's all about how you make the Celeeka move.
P.S No such thing as a selica.

Wow ,amazing. This should also mean that every word has two or more correct pronunciation?😂.
Well I'm from Nigeria so sure I pronounce it just the way candians (UK ) does .👊
And thank you for the video proves. That's very helpful

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