Getting a DUI in a Scissor Lift!! | Funniest Traffic Stop I Have Ever Seen

in cars •  last year  (edited)

Can You Get a DUI in a Scissor Lift?!

Lets be clear, driving under the influence of alcohol is no laughing matter. Driving a vehicle, especially at high speeds, while impaired is not only extremely serious but also very dangerous for not only yourself but also other pedestrians on the road.

That being said when I came across this video of a man getting pulled over by the police while driving a scissor lift down the road while sitting on a case of beer, I couldn't contain my laughter. This has to be by far the single funniest traffic stop I have ever seen.

After I managed to stop laughing I decided to share this short/ quick video with everyone on the Steemit community in the hopes of brightening up your day a little bit, because in the end laughter is the best medicine :-P


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