Our first review of 2019 Skoda Kodiaq 4x4 7 seater SUV

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Hello all and welcome to 2019,

We have our first review of the year, the Skoda Kodiaq, the 7 seater SUV, our model came with the trusty 20lTDI 150ps engine, the 7 seat configuration and offroad capabilities with the added option of 4x4.

The range starts at just uner £26,000 for a 5 seater model, our model retails for just under £36,000.

The Kodiaq is based on the Vision S and was first seen in 2016, it's in keeping with the range of new Skoda vehicles and this engine gave us over 50mpg.

The vehicle comes with 4x4 which really transforms the ride, you can feel it pull back, and when in offroad the infotainment screen displays 3 dials showing the SUV's angle etc in degrees.

The 7 seater also comes with dynamic chassis control enabling you to tailor the ride and tighten up acceleration, steering etc as you see fit, modes include Performance, Comfort and Snow.

This really is an impressive vehicle inside and out, and features simply clver Skoda features, such as 27 storage points and umbrellas in the doors.

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