Car Scooping '19 - Aston Rapide, Ferrari 458 & FF | Meeting Underground

in cars •  17 days ago

These three were literally just parked beside each other. The 458/FF combo was especially interesting. The parking structure lightning added some special contrast and it was time for another scooping session.

Yeah this is probably one of my all time favorite shots of a wheel e-v-e-r.

BB Priv camera really showing off its low lightning and high contrast capabilities.

Epic blue tone on the Ferrari.

Contrasting the Italian outrageousness 'the Aston' holds a considerable almost royal distance to the continental servants. The design oozes off a mixture of 'not a single fuck is given at any time' and 'understated composure anytime anywhere' - I love it.

Catch ya next time, chaps.

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Hey thanks! Contest looks interesting will absolutely look into it!

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