Super mint Mitsubishi GTO MR Sold

in cars •  2 months ago

All I can say is wow on this one (except for the wheels really)

Not going to go into great detail on this one as I had a long day renovating the house and just got back from a little get together with my friends.

The MR sold for a tidy $21,000 USD!

Model : Mitsubishi GTO VR4 MR
Year : 1999
Mileage : 70,000km
Sale Price : $21,048
Overall Grading : 4.5
Interior Grading : B
Exterior Grading : B

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Mitsubishi RX7? :P

They called these 3000 GTs in America for... some reason. VR4s were the AWD twin turbos. Is MR the equivalent?


Man, I can't believe I did that... Shows how tired I was yesterday! It's a VR4 MR so like you said AWD and TT but the MR had a few extras that the 3000GT and standard VR4 didnt. Kind of like my Type RS FD vs stock.

Afaik (too lazy and tired to google this early in the morning) it had bigger brakes, rear spoiler, BBS wheels (same as my FD and R32 GT-R VSPEC II) and stiffer suspension.. Maybe some other stuff too that I'm forgetting

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