Cheapest R32 GT-R at the JDM Auctions??

in cars •  3 months ago

This Friday saw us one of the cheapest R32 GT-R's sold at the Japanese auctions this year. It sold for a mere $8000 USD. A price you would pay 6 years ago for a mint low mileage example. This one however is not mint nor is it a low mileage example.

Unfortunately this one looks to have seen better days. A paint faded bonnet and I'm not sure if it's open or broken but it's currently not closed which is a little worrying for any auction buyer.

The car also sold without an official inspection, meaning we don't know the grading of the vehicle and whether or not it actually runs. Judging by the interior and the rest of the exterior it's actually not a bad buy considering the price. Possibly a good deal for someone who wants to modify the crap out of it and isn't interested in keeping anything OEM.

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A Car at an auction is either a pig or a pearl. If you are a good enough mechanic there are more pearls than pigs; but it is always a risk! So, how brave are you? :)


I was brave enough to buy 4... 2 pigs and 2 pearls... now 3/4 are pearls..


Excellent one pig to pearl already! Post some pictures of them? I enjoy both pigs and pearls! LOL!


Will you let me know when will this kind of auction again to happen???


Will you let me know
When will this kind of auction
Again to happen???

                 - sumanmandal

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