Rocket Bunny RX7 FD3S For Sale

in cars •  3 months ago

This isn't going to be much of a post as I am unfortunately super tired from a long hard day at work. I found this cool (to some) looking rocket bunny FD for sale in Australia.

It's currently for sale at an asking price of $50,000 USD pretty steep considering that the engine bay looks pretty minimal. It does however have a very rare and expensive exhaust by RE-Amemiya.

Sale Link

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Looks amazing, I still remember when this gen came out in 1992. My uncle had a black 1993 RX7

Very nice the sports car, but it is very expensive.

i mean with a nice turbo and a paint job alone it can push up the price +10k! How much Hp is it pushing out now? at least it has some nice fattys on the back to get all that traction!


Ah definitely, no idea how much it's pushing right now.. Doesn't show on the listing :(