Big Turbo JZ Kouki S13 200SX

in cars •  3 months ago 

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Nice video. You definitely know how to drive like a monster.. 😀 But, how come the engine makes such a cool sound? Any secret? Thanks for sharing. It was great to watch.

You guys did well producing this and I can see you put a lot of work into this one. The car looks great and it is good they didn't cut corners and made proper carbon fiber pieces. Normally they are coated or fake so it just shows what detail has gone into this car.


Thanks @cryptoandcoffee - it was a blast to help film this one (even in the pouring rain)

Hi nelkeljdm,

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Thanks Curie! Much appreciated..

HI @nelkeljdm,
thank you for sharing this awesome video. You really put some effort into producing this nice piece.
I do not have a car on my own. But I got hoocked into watching car videos lately. Especially in those where youtuber present a journey where they modified a car or just repaired it so that it works perfectly fine again.

I liked your content and I hope to see more from you.

Thanks for this awesome video & interview @nelkeljdm!
God I will miss this engine sound within a couple of years. In Europe the car industry is moving slowly to electric as you know. Within some years, I get to choose a new car for leasing from my company, and most likely my next car will be electric :( Pure because of financial reasons actually... I can still enjoy my Volvo V60 D4 Twin Engine for a couple of years...