The New Volvo XC60 preview

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There will be a new Volvo XC60 next year and it is coming to India.This will be the mid-size SUV for the Indian market and will slot in below the XC90 in their hierarchy.It will sport the latest Volvo design be underpinned by their modular architecture15108300180001599233266.jpg

Spy picture reveals that this new vehicle will mimic the same design as the larger XC90 but obviously with a slight reduction in size.The face will get the Thor hammer headlamps,bow tie grille and high bonnet.Moving over the side,we can see the familiar volvo SUV silhouette as well as the design of the wheels which in this case adhere to the R-design philosophy.Noticeable elements at the rear include the boomerang shaped tail lamps,forward sloping glass area and high bumpers15108303590071659607031.jpg

The car will be brought to the Indian market via the CBU route and will go up the against the likes of the mercedes-Benz GLC,Audi Q3 and the BMW x3 as well as the jaguar F-pace

Expected price:Rs.46Lakhs
Expected Launch: December 2017

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