Go away rain!

in cars •  4 months ago


Been fighting with this car trying to figure out why it won't idle.

There's only three things involved in this, fuel air and spark. If you're missing any of the three then your car won't idle at all.

If it does idle but does so poorly, then you start looking at faults in each category. First make sure you have good spark, then make sure you have good fueling (check the injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator), then check air (air filter, idle system, vaccums).

Unforunately the rain is getting the best of me. It always seems like something wants to get in the way of getting stuff done! Time to wait it out boys!

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I will take this rain! It’s 108 degrees here in Texas!

I guess I'm not the only one begging the rains.

Nice maintenance tips @motoengineer

BTW, which do you have more passion for? Civil engineering or Mechanical

Both fields are so wide, it's hard to decide unless you get specific! I personally think the engineering part of civil engineering is boring. And most of mechanical engineering is boring too. Mechanical engineering is not robotics, it's working mechanical systems!

Hi @motoengineer!
Don't worry buddy. Till the rain stop enjoy it.. anyways it's a nature, right!?

@kiporen212 nope. No. Naaaaa. Absolutely not. You keep that devil heat away from NYC!

I would say a faulty MAP sensor, did you tried to replace it?


E30s predate MAP sensors, instead it runs a Air Flow Meter or AFM, its sort of the same idea, but I dont think a bad air sensor would affect idling. The component that meters the air is the Idle Control Valve on these cars, which ive tested to work correctly already. The other item would be vacuum lost, but all of the vacuum lines have been replaced.