#82 One Day, One Car

in cars •  9 months ago

Today the perfect luxury convertible to enjoy a sunny day somewhere in England, California...

The car? The Rolls-Royce Dawn

This convertible was designed on the base of Wraith model (will be featured later in One Day, One Car). It is powered by BMW engine 6.6 L V12 bi-turbo with 563HP. Due to its mass 2.5 tons, the acceleration is less impressive 5.1 s.

Did you know?

The latest mother of British Rolls Royce is the German BMW.

Price: 41.75 BTC.





Enjoy ;)

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a very great post a very good car and very luxurious, @mandl is great, hopefully the car will be on display one day, one car, become a special car, safe and successful @mandl

cool photography, the same view of his car all dashing

6,6l and V12 Wow. Is it a ship or yacht?
I didin't know a cabrio.

Que hrmosura Dioos

Another mind-blowing machine😍💞💝. Boys must drive this thing💃. Thanks for sharing @mandl

See these

For now, I’ll have let this convertible satisfy me, but one day... lol Thanks for the post! Very nice.


I am very excited about this series, it is incredible that they go # 82 editions, great work friend, it is valued very much!

Gracias por seguir poniendo post de coches. Este no es uno de los q mas me gustan @originalworks