#122 One Day, One Car

in cars •  7 months ago

Today from the Geneva Motor Show with the German car... and One Day, One Car will become yours!

The car? The BMW M8 Gran Coupe

This concept will be should be released next year.
Possibly powered by 4.4L V8 Twin-turbo with a not defined number of horses yet.

Did you know?

Maybe this new model from 2018 will become the model that 45 years later people will still speak about... Like it is happening with the cars discussed in #121 One Day, One Car.






Enjoy ;)

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Probably over 620HP, can't wait for it to come out


Very likely indeed, what a beast and a beautiful toy ;)

Saw this on a live-stream of the show. The cars front looks much more aggressive compared to prior years one thing i love about this concept. Hopefully BMW releases more aggressive like designs in the future.


It seems to be the direction they are taking ... So the race is on ;)

our very beautiful design


Yours? :P